Our team


Anna is the founder and head teacher of Everyday Czech. She has been teaching Czech to foreigners since 2012 and she still enjoys it very much. She is delighted by daily interaction with foreigners and helping them to immerse into Czech culture. With her husband, she spent a year in Vietnam which, besides other things, helped her to understand students who are trying to learn an extremely difficult language and immersing themselves into a completely different culture. Unlike most of her students, Anna gave up learning Vietnamese after only one month, but the experience was eye-opening. Since then, she makes her lessons even more interactive and playful with the focus on conversation and practical usage.

At this moment Anna is enjoying being a mom to her little daughter, thus she established a group of very talented, patient and entertaining teachers who continue to spread the founding mission of Everyday Czech.


As the Director of Business Communications, Brett strives to facilitate a personal touch with each and every student and Corporate partner alike. Maintaining an open-minded outlook on ways to help improve the student experience gives him motivation to continue in his role. Being a small fish in a big pond of mega schools here in Prague, he sets out to have the edge over the rest through his willingness to listen to his students feedback and cooperate with them to incorporate helpful and worthy improvements in methodology and new ways to deliver exciting materials. 

Brett’s also a native English teacher, and has taught at various levels including private schools, Universities, and language schools. He enjoys ushering his students along their language journey, and thrives in interactive situations. Seeing his students realise that ‘Ah-ha’ light-bulb moment as they learn and understand a new language point makes all their collective work worthwhile.


Nikola has just finished her Masters degree in Czech language and literature at Charles University in Prague and she is getting ready to get her PhD there as well. She first taught students two years ago during her intership with Czech centers in Kiev, Ukraine. Besides teaching, she enjoys spending time with her cat, her plants and occasionally doing yoga. She loves vegan cakes and works on her botanical garden check list.


She is currently teaching Czech for the third year (she likes to teach groups and individuals). She originally studied Czech studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, but instead of a master’s program she is now studying screenwriting at FAMU. She is glad that thanks to teaching she can still be in contact with her original field and at the same time look at her mother tongue with different eyes. When she teaches, she knows that this is the only time she lives in complete presence.


Míša came to Prague from Pelhřimov, a town of records and curiosities. She studied linguistic and Czech language teaching at Charles University. She is fascinated by the logic of languages and secrets of human communication. Míša loves books and rock music. She also enjoys playing board games and escape rooms as well as travelling, preferable to northern countries. During summer, Míša participates in tutoring children at summercamps. Míša is always happy to see her students enjoy the classes and love the phrase „Wow, it makes sense!“.


Lenka moved to Prague from Moravia to study International Business at the University of Economics. Soon after starting her course she realized that economics was not the way to go and thanks to her interest in languages and her first experiences teaching she changed her field of study to Czech and English language at Charles University. Teaching Czech combines several of her favourite things – getting to know new people, the English language and educating foreigners about Czech culture. An important part of her life is her annual summer job as an entertainer in Italy. Working in international teams of young creative people has enabled her to make great friends all over Europe. She loves ballet, Italy, sushi, travelling, reading, the theatre, and movies, amongst many other interests.


She graduated in teaching Czech language and history for secondary schools at the University of Ostrava. Two years ago, she worked as a Czech language teacher at Hebei GEO University in China
in Shijiazhuang, where she taught Chinese students. She currently works as a teacher of Czech and history at a primary school in Prague. She likes to travel and meet new people, countries and their culture. She spends her free time practicing yoga, walking in the mountains or cycling.


Tomáš is currently a student at the Department of Theatre Science at Charles University in Prague. Last year he finished his bachelor degree in Czech Literature and Language there. He is dedicated to teaching on multiple levels: next to teaching Czech, he is also a street dance lector and sometimes he leads theatre workshops for children of different ages. He spent six months in Berlin, because the German language as well as the theatre and literature are close to him.


Lucie studied English linguistics and didactics at Charles University in Prague and she spent one year in Spain studying English – Spanish translation and interpretation. She enjoys foreign languages as much as she enjoys Czech, her mother tongue. She is happy to share her knowledge of this beautiful and tricky language with her students. Lucie is a patient and empathetic teacher who makes learning Czech fun and easy. She loves yoga, hiking in the nature, her dog, vegan food, summer, listening to birdsong, going to the cinema, strolling through (second-hand) bookshops, sunshine, coffee and positive people. She enjoys travelling, getting to know new people and cultures. Her dream is to travel to South and Central America.


Tereza is currently studying Scandinavian Studies and Phonetics at Charles University in Prague and last year she finished her bachelor degree in Humanities. For the past four years she has been a part of the Buddy program at the university where she helps international students integrate and get to know Czech culture. She also enjoys helping them with Czech basics and is happy to teach Czech on a more professional level now. Tereza spent six months in Bergen, Norway where she fell in love with the Norwegian culture, nature and language. She loves getting to know people from different cultures, learning languages, hiking in nature, travelling, music, books and coffee.


I am from Jihlava, a city on the very border of Bohemia and Moravia, and I am still fascinated by how much Czech language differs even between individual regions. I moved to Prague to study. First I studied Czech and music education at PedF UK, my main field was playing the violin, which I have been doing for almost twenty years. Now I have decided to add another field to it, and in my second year I am studying psychology at the same faculty. In addition to Czech language courses, I work as a care taker in a children’s group, where I am responsible for children as young as one. I apply all my experience in the preparation of lessons, for example, I like to use Czech songs in teaching. When I have a moment for myself, I like to practice yoga or have a nice evening with an interesting book. I also like to play music with my father and other friends who are musicians in the evening by the campfire or in the local pub.