Do you wish to only survive? Or, would you rather thrive?
Knowing Czech opens doors to new experiences - There’s so much to Czech culture that you don’t even know you’re missing out on until you can both speak and understand the language. Once you’ve overcome the language barrier, the culture and country will be yours to cherish and explore.


During our year-long residence in Vietnam, we experienced the firsthand frustration of learning an extremely difficult language, which made us feel unable to fully immerse ourselves into the local culture because of those language and cultural barriers. We decided to establish a school where, in addition to teaching the Czech language, we also organize many cultural activities, such as Czech cuisine classes, movie nights, and weekend day trips to local villages. We do this to help people in the global community understand Czech culture and feel more at home here. We have traveled all around the world, and during our travels, we were lucky to meet so many people who helped provide us a sense of belonging. It is now time to pay it forward and help others get the most out of their lives here, in Prague!

We are language learners, ourselves. We are familiar with the frustration of (sometimes unsuccessfully) trying to learn difficult languages. We strive to create interactive, useful, and fun lessons to improve your ability to speak, understand and be understood in Czech. We follow a textbook, but our teachers always include extra materials and games in class to make it more engaging! We do not have any “nose stuck in a book” lessons here.

OUR MISSION We are devoted to helping “foreigners” become global citizens by educating them with Czech language skills, creating a more integrated and harmonious quality of life. To do this, we provide much more than just a classroom. We believe living here will be a more rewarding experience once you are given the skills needed to become an active part of the society. Helping you grow your language skill set is the first step in our shared goal of giving you the best Czech experience.

Our students are the reason we do what we do. They come to us from all over the world, with completely different backgrounds – from foreign exchange students to IT expats, and people in relationships with Czech citizens that now seek a relationship with the rich Czech culture. Join them, and us, in our lessons, and teach us your story – where you came from, and why you chose to call the Czech Republic “home.”

Each class has a maximum of 7 students, which allows more individual teacher-to-student interaction. If you inform us ahead of time that you will miss a lesson, you will have the opportunity to attend an appropriate-level, make-up lesson in a different group class if available. We also create Whatsapp groups for each group course, enabling you to practice Czech with your peers, outside of the classroom environment.